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Direct Magazine ServiceMartha Stewart Living is a women`s magazine that celebrates creative and confident expression in all aspects of home life. Published monthly, each issue shares inspiration and ideas for entertaining, decorating, gardening, cooking, and more.
MagazineBargainsCelebrating the simple things of everyday life: gardening, entertaining, renovating, cooking and decorating.
MagazineValuesMartha Stewart Living Is your complete guide for your home & garden. Each issue allows you to celebrate the simple things of everyday life, such as gardening, entertaining, renovating, cooking, and decorating.
AmazonMartha Stewart Living lifestyle magazine for women is one of the go-to sources for everything food, home decorating, entertaining and parties, DIY projects and more. Crafters, home cooks, socialites and creative minds alike would benefit from a Martha Stewart Living magazine subscription sent to their home each month.
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